The Spoke Easy

The present building located at 225 East Main Street was constructed after the 1911 fire which destroyed the block. Paired windows on the second floor are enhanced with corbelled brickwork above. Norman Hobson Grocery occupied the building in 1905, followed by Jo-Ann Dress Shop, Dearen’s Dress Shop, Mrs. Davis’s Beauty Shop, Supertone Studio, the Mending Thimble sewing shop and currently The Spoke Easy – bicycle sales and repair shop.

Owners Scott and Amanda Hess opened their bicycle shop at this location in November 2016.  Scott custom fits people to bicycles, repairs bicycles, and organizes community bicycle rides every Thursday at noon and after 5:00 p.m.  He is helping to build a healthier and more active community and promoted Campbellsville as a Trail Town community. His unique shop offers numerous bicycles for sale to the general public.

Owner Scott Hess The Spoke Easy
225 E Main Street The Spoke Easy