Chandler’s Office Supply/Kerr’s Office Group

Chandler’s Office Supply, now Kerr’s Office Group, is Main Street’s oldest continuous business at 210 E. Main Street.  The building was built in 1892 and the store was known as Chandler’s Novelties. This general store once had a lunch counter. In the 1950s, children purchased their school supplies, residents bought wedding gifts and Hallmark cards, and farmers and gardeners bought seeds here. In recent years, the store expanded to 208 E. Main Street. Historically, Dr. Milton Elliott followed by Dr. Don Bernard occupied office space upstairs. In 2017, Sweetwater Bookshop, a new and used bookstore owned by Madalyn Miller, occupied 208 E. Main Street.

Owners, Bill and Jill Chandler, have been in this location for over 100 years.  In 2014, Chandler’s Office Supply was purchased by Kerr’s Office Group however the owners still own the building and continue selling office furniture and supplies.

Owners Bill & Jill Chandler
Chandlers’ Office Suppliers
210 E Main Street
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